Jacque combines her skills as a therapist and love for the outdoors to create unique and powerful experiences. From the moment I arrived I felt supported. She held space for me and helped me acknowledge my fears going in. Throughout the whole trip Jacque was very knowledgeable and confident.
Around the campfire we reflected on our values. This really set the tone for a powerful experience tailored to us. Jacque created a space where we felt safe to share as much or as little as we felt like. The whole experience was incredible and insightful to see aspects of our lives in a new light.
— Kelly Lyon

I will recommend this experience to EVERY PERSON POSSIBLE. It was life changing and something I will remember FOREVER.
— Janon Bourgeois

I’m usefully the kind of person who keeps their struggles to themselves which really is an unneeded burden to put on oneself. With that said this was a great experience.

It was indeed different for me, but it was good to talk about things openly and let out some thoughts and feelings I don’t usually express. Overall the trip helped me to identify elements in my life to be aware of moving forward so when I do experience specific thoughts or choose certain behaviors, it’s easier to catch myself and make the better choices in life.

If you are someone like me who typically is someone who keeps their struggles to themselves and need a place to bring those topics up in a supportive environment I highly recommend getting out on one of these group processing trips!
— Neal Robinson

Jacque is the BEST Wilderness Guide I have EVER met!
— Marli Williams