Group Processing Trips

Rooted Adventure Therapy offers one full day or multi-night Group Processing backpacking trips in the pristine wilderness areas of the Pacific Northwest. These backpacking trips will focus on specific mental health needs and teach you basic backpacking skills including Leave No Trace principles. Trips are designed to challenge you to grow your confidence, self-esteem, communication and outdoor skills. You will leave the trail with a sense of relief, accomplishment, and newly gained adventure skills you can use when planning your own backpacking trips.

Group Processing sessions are structured, 60-90 minutes, and are scheduled into each trip to address the identified mental health topic. The group made up of 4-6 indiviuals will engage in activities to promote reflection in your relationships, gain communication skills, and increase team work. Backpacking trips range in length but will be moderate hikes an average of 5 miles.

Group Processing Trips include an initial assessment of your therapeutic goals and will ensure that this is the right fit for your unique needs. Group Processing Trips are ideal for adults 18 and over who want to learn basic backpacking skills, and are open to peer supports to guide your healing journey.

Is Group Therapy Right for You?

  • Do you feel stuck or frustrated by certain areas or problems in your life?

  • Do you struggle to connect during traditional office-based therapy?

  • Do you need that “extra push” to get outside your comfort zone to the place where real change occurs?

  • Are you dealing with conflict in your relationships and needing to process through this experience?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, contact us for a free consultation call to assess if the next Group Processing Trip is right for you.

Group Processing Trip focus Areas:

Cultivating Healthy Relationships, Understanding Anxiety and Depression, Healing from Grief, Loss and Trauma, Increasing Motivation for Change, Substance use and Recovery

Next Group Processing Trip

In partnership with Wild Diversity

Aug 31- Sept 1st, 2019

Pamelia Lake Mt. Jefferson Wilderness

Cultivating Healthy Relationships: Understanding yourself through the lens of your relationships

During this trip we will begin to explore the unhealthy patterns and baggage that we bring to relationships. The group will spend time going deep to explore the roots of these issues and how we can recognize them and work toward healthier, more satisfying connections with the people in our lives. We will work on cultivating self-awareness, understanding how we show up in relationships ,and the barriers that prevent us from revealing our full-selves. The physical challenge of backpacking combined with the beauty of the backcountry, naturally facilitates an environment of vulnerability and openness that will allow participants to dig deep and examine areas of strength, and opportunities for growth and change.

What’s included?

  • Food: 2 lunch’s, 1 dinner, 1 breakfast

  • Group gear: Stoves, Pots & Pans, Tarps, Cordage, First Aide, Water treatment, Sink, Soap, Map, Lantern, Trowel & toilet paper

  • Transportation to & from the Trailhead

  • Professional Backpacking Guide & Professional Mental Health Therapist

Check Out the beautiful Mt Jefferson Wilderness where we will spend the night next to the crystal clear Pamelia Lake! Click here!

For a Free Consultation on the

next Group Processing Trip

Who is this trip for?

  • Those that are recently out of a relationship or looking to enter a new relationship.

  • Those needing fresh perspectives from people outside of their close social circles.

  • Those ready to access the healing, heart-opening experiences that therapy in the backcountry provides.

  • Individuals who have struggled with traditional office-based therapy approaches.

  • LGBTQ+ and POC community