Family Therapy Adventures

Rooted Adventure Therapy offers one full day or multi-night family therapy backpacking trips in the pristine wilderness areas of the Pacific Northwest. These backpacking trips are tailored to your family’s physical and mental health needs. Trips are designed to challenge you to grow your confidence, self-esteem, communication and outdoor skills.

Therapy sessions are structured, 60-90 minutes, and are scheduled into your trip to address the areas identified in the assessment of your family’s needs. Your family will engage in activities to promote reflection of the family dynamics, increase communication, and team work.

Family Therapy Adventures include an initial assessment of the family’s therapeutic goals and will ensure that this is the right fit for your unique needs. Family therapy adventures are ideal for families with youth 13-18 years old.


Family Therapy

A therapeutic approach that focuses on the whole family system. Each family member’s experience is honored and respected. The therapist works with the family’s strengths to facilitate growth and healing. Family therapy can help parents who are feeling disconnected or in conflict with their children more than usual. It can help families with children or teens struggling with symptoms of trauma often seen as anxiety and/or depression or families where one or more member has experienced physical, emotional, or sexual abuse. Family Therapy can be an effective approach to support healthy attachment with adoptive children and blended families.

Jacque’s family therapy approach is grounded in Family System Theory, Attachment Focused Therapy, and Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Jacque has spent several years working with families to increase their attachment through nurturing activities, identify barriers in communication by finding the courage to work through tough conversations, and understanding behaviors by learning about developmental stages of adolescents.

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