What is Adventure Therapy?

Adventure therapy is a wilderness-based form of psychotherapy that uses experiential learning approaches and activities to help clients and their families work to go deep and get rooted. Adventure therapy combines clinical and leadership skills from counseling, psychology and outdoor education fields. Studies show that outdoor activities promote behavioral changes and allow a deeper understanding and time for reflection to occur through the planning and debriefing process. Adventure therapy allows you to learn how to use the environment around you to increase your physical and mental health while repairing relationships and understanding our deeply rooted behaviors.

How is this different from traditional therapy?

Traditional therapy can be tremendously beneficial but not everyone feels comfortable sitting on a couch in a dimly lit room for a structured 50 minute session. Traditional therapy can provide people with a safe space and weekly confidential support. Adventure therapy is a non-traditional approach that uses the elements of the wilderness to facilitate opportunities to process through your mental health struggles beyond a 50 minute session. Rooted Adventure therapy provides the benefit of weeks of therapy in just one trip.